What's on in Wolvercote

Tree Group

The Tree Group maintains the Community Orchard opposite the Trout as well as helping monitor and maintain trees in and around the village.

Apple Day is held each October to celebrate all things appley and allows the public to enjoy the multitude of local varieties grown in the orchard along with games for children, apple juicing and much more.

Friends of Wolvercote Community Orchard

If you would like to join the Tree Group or help with the maintenance and growth of the Community Orchard or with the organisation and preparations for Apple Day please contact: for membership, email Jon Price;

for activities email Jo Malden or please call her on 01865 556422.

The Wolvercote Tree group has several other planting schemes around the village and has recently won awards from the Oxford Preservation Trust both for the Community Orchard and a tree planting scheme on Goose Green.
If, like us, you feel that trees have a vital role in our local community and the global environment, please contact us to learn how you can help.

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